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Don't get fooled by the name Genuine Leather… and look for Full-Grain Leather instead!

You’re looking for the perfect leather whether it is for a jacket, a wallet, a bag or an iPhone case but you just don’t know if you should trust that extensively-used term Genuine Leather. 
Well, the answer is you should not.
Genuine Leather is actually the cheapest leather. It will have a poor durability and it won’t look as nice as a high-end leather. Genuine leather is most of the time made from the part of the hide that can not be used without adding a lot of painting to make it look better or it can be several pieces of cheap leather glued together and coated. 
Then, if you are looking for a gorgeous, durable leather go for Full-Grain! Full-Grain leather is considered to be the best quality leather available.
The most beautiful and also most resistant part of a leather is located just under the hair where the natural pores and patterns of the hide can be seen. This top part of the skin is called the grain. When a few changes are made to the grain, the leather keeps most of its great natural characteristics. This is what is called a Full-Grain leather.
The more you will wear your Full-Grain leather the more you will appreciate the touch of it. Over time, the friction given to leather contributes to create what we call patina which refers to that extremely soft almost waxy touch.
As your leather gets softer with time, you have this feeling that your leather good evolves with time just like a good wine. [Read Blog Post “Why Wine and Leather are the perfect match"].
Accessories made of Full-Grain leather become more attractive, luxurious and enjoyable to carry which is why SOFRANCISCO choses to use Full-Grain leather for the SOF Cases.
When you shop for a high-end product, make sure that you are getting the leather you are paying for. Check the description, ask questions and don’t be fooled by the name Genuine leather ever again.
Indeed, the best in quality is and has always been Full-Grain Leather. 
As Full-Grain leather shows the grain characteristics of the animal as well as the markings, you will find two different categories among Full-Grain leathers :
 - Aniline (or Pure Aniline) : Aniline leather is a type of Full-Grain leather that is dyed with only soluble dyes. There is absolutely no coating to protect the surface of the leather and all surface imperfections are visible with an aniline treatment which is a transparent treatment. Aniline leathers are considered to be the most natural and purest hides. This kind of leather will show imperfections such as scarves, stretch marks etc. Only a small percentage (5 %) of Full-Grain leathers are Aniline Leathers.
- Semi-Aniline : More common than the Aniline leather because of its higher technical and mechanical resistance, Semi-Aniline leather goes through more chemical processes than Pure Aniline leather. Semi-Aniline hides are slightly covered by a layer of pigment coating that helps hiding the imperfections without damaging the natural characteristics of the skin while it also increases durability. SOF Cases are manufactured with this type of leather in order to offer the maximum protection needed for their specific use. 
Well, now you know... If you want the best quality and the most luxurious leather, go for the hides that has all the grain, go for Full-Grain!
/Charlotte, Founder @ S O F R A N C I S C O

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